525,600 minutes……..

525,600 minutes……..


beachOn January 1, 2013 I wrote with confidence that I was going to make 2013 my Bitch. The year brought me to my knees.  It has to be said, 2013 sucked. As this New Year begins I am not going to be as bold. I am just going to quietly say with my heart that I am hopeful for 2014. I do want to say thank you to you, my friends, that in the past 6 months have given me a reason to get out of bed in the morning and kept my head above water. You have no idea that a kind word, a simple text or even just a smile have kept me from totally losing my sh*t at any given moment. Honestly, I have never been more grateful. I do not believe in New Years Resolutions (just one more thing for me to fail miserably at) but I do resolve to be the kind of friend to you that you have been to me. My friends of my heart. So, goodbye 2013 and hello 2014. I am asking you to be gentle with me and all I love. Happy New  525,600 minutes. I hope they are good ones.

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  1. Hear Hear!! Goodbye 2013!! Big deep breaths…yes, let’s ease into 2014 shall we? Looking forward to clearer skies! xoxoxox

    • Lisa,
      You have become my biggest Cheerleader. I look for your notes. Thank you for being my SBS sister. You have no idea how much your kindness has been appreciated. I am hoping for a peaceful 2014 for all of us! xoxo

      • JANET!!! You are so sweet. This is a lousy club to be a member of, but reading your blog always makes me feel less alone. And the things you struggle with and learn, help me with my struggling and learning! And you write beautifully!! Here’s to a better year and take care of yourself!!

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