Noise! Noise! Noise!

Noise! Noise! Noise!

Remember when I said I missed the mall? Well I went Saturday but Triple P came along for the ride. I should have said I miss going to the mall by myself. How is it possible that she is mine?

I do not like challenges that put one person against the other. My friends would kick my ass. I do like challenging me against me. I can take me.

Someone my Dad loved very much is expecting a baby. Sigh. This would have made him so happy.

Harry Connick Jr is pretty dreamy. And he is funny. Pretend Husband material?

Dreamy, funny and in a bar! What better pretend husband is there? I bet he did not propose to Jill Goodacre in Sears parking lot.

Dreamy, funny and in a bar! What better pretend husband is there? I bet he did not propose to Jill Goodacre in Sears parking lot.

Someone I know is headed out on an adventure. She has named her adventure “The Never Ending Love Story”. I love that. I also love the thought that love never ends. I am also thinking she is a Dirty Stay Out. She knows what I mean!

When shopping with Triple P on Saturday I was buying her the very few things she actually liked. At one store she was upset because the shirt she liked was not on sale and she hates to pay full price (at least I did something right) but she really liked it and I wanted her to have it. (See, I am a good Mom!) As I was paying she said “Mom, I can pay for this”, words that have never come out of the Thinkers mouth, but I said “No Riss, I want to do this for you”. She replied “I make more money than you.”I did not know whether to laugh or be proud of her. I still paid for the top but I am going to remind her she said this next month when Sallie Mae comes calling.

I  went to Market Basket…..On a Sunday……Extra 4% off (who knew?)…….Still the prettiest one there.

Why is it that one of the kids always needs to use my car right after I have filled the gas tank?

I like to fall asleep with the TV on. I set the timer on the TV to turn itself of and I usually fall asleep to Friends on Nick at Night. When I am getting dressed in the morning and turn the TV back on it is usually time for a show called Bubble Guppies. I am not going to lie, I like it. Deema is my favorite.

Amy posted this on her Facebook page and I loved it! How sweet is this? A real life Fairytale come true. It totally beats a proposal in Sears parking lot. Truth. The Saint went in for a lawnmower and came out with an engagement ring. His reasoning? And I quote, “It was on sale”. So the moral of my Fairytale is thank goodness the diamonds were on sale and not lawn mowers. Happily Ever After. The video will not post so please see the link to this super sweet story here.

Apparently losing the 30 pounds you gained stress eating is not as easy as gaining it. I caved and joined Weight Watchers. I have not done Weight Watchers in about 20 years. Yes, I have done it before and I will most likely have to do it again. Whatever. I have eating issues. Anyhow, they have this really cool APP that tracks your points. I am OBSESSED with it. It can read a bar code and tell you how many points that food is. I am scanning EVERYTHING! It was worth joining just for the APP. So far so good but do not ask me how I am doing because I will bite your head off. You may ask about the App. I will be happy to show you and to scan with you. By the way, A Presidente Margarita from Chili’s is approx 21 points. Cheers!

I went to the Post Office yesterday to mail a few surprises. Jen and Missy look for a little something something. I was shocked to see everything but Postal business going on in there. Three people in front of me needed passports and the next two were purchasing Money Orders. Where am I?

The Noise In My Head….and it is hearing this.

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  1. Janet!! You are SO funny. I never had kids…I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or a good thing… : ) my niece is about to have her 1st baby…my Dad loved her very much and would be so happy. “Maybe I’m amazed” just came on my radio…better get back to work before I cry…it’s been a year this past Saturday since I lost my Dad, and his b-day is this coming Monday. Focus on the babies!!!!!! P.S. – Harry Connick IS dreamy. And adorable.

    • Lisa,
      I really believe that was your Dad! Amazed! I can only imagine how hard these milestones must be, especially for the first time. I am thinking of you and holding you close in my heart.
      Love, Me
      P.S. I cried when I walked by the “Dad” section in the card store the other day.

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