The noise in my head during The State of The Union Address

The noise in my head during The State of The Union Address

1. Do you know how much 1 Tbsp of Peanut Butter is? I will tell you, not enough.

2. What it costs me to insure four cars a year in Revere roughly equals what my parents paid for their first house.

3. The Pope is on the cover of Rolling Stones. Do you think he is humming “On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone” right now?.

4. POTUS just said that High Quality Early Education is important for our children. Do you think he has ever taught 30 kindergarteners by himself in a 110 year old school?

5. I am cold.

6. I like his tie.

7. Louie worked 65 hours last week. I went to the Eye Doctor today. Our insurance did not cover the cost of my glasses.

8. A Third Grade Student finished the entire Harry Potter Series last week. He read them all! We celebrated his accomplishment and talked about what he was going to read next. He thought he might read the Percy Jackson Series. I told him to go check the books out in the Hallbrary. Our Library is in the hallway because our real library had to be turned into a computer lab. He came back and said he was going to read something else. When I asked him why he said because I was missing one book in the series and he did not want me to spend anymore of my money on new books.

9. Do you know what a serving of pasta looks like? I will tell you, not enough.

10. Do you think POTUS gets nervous before he speaks in public? Do you think he practices his speech with Mrs. POTUS?

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