I have a snow day hangover………….

I have a snow day hangover………….

The noise in my head is dulled by the cold and kind of a quiet but consistent hum. I think being in the house all day with the family and Justin might have something to do with it. The amazing glass of ice coffee I am drinking seems to be helping. Maybe I need another cup?

Everything in the house is breaking……..

Marissa’s car would not start again this morning. I do not know anything about cars but it has been to the mechanic twice in the past 3 weeks and it is still having problems. I think it is time for a new mechanic, a new car or a new husband. (The Saint insists we do not need a new mechanic or car so maybe it is him?).

I survived the Snow Day and did not go over on my points. Yay Me! I am thinking it is a good thing I left the Girl Scout Cookies at work. Corinne is a Girl Scout Cookie Pusher, stay clear of her and her evil ways.

The Thinker has Strep. What are the odds of none of us getting it?

My laptop has a virus. I did not even know computers could still get viruses. The Thinker has yet to fix it. Maybe I am putting too much pressure on him? I told him I would die, JUST DIE, if I lost any of my pictures of Dad. I think he is afraid to find out.

As much as I love Weight Watchers and my App I think I am a failure. At the last meeting the leader, Andrea (I love her. The first point value she shared with me was for wine and chocolate), told us we should plan celebrations for goals met on this journey. I set goals but every celebration I could think of involved food. Issues.

I love all the Facebook videos everyone has been sharing. What a wonderful memento to have of past moments. They are like little time capsules and I love them.

I got new glasses on Tuesday, I think they make me look wicked smart. The Saint has not even noticed. The last few years my prescription has changed every year so it is nice to see clearly again. I did not even realize how much it had changed until I got the new ones! Yikes. I bet The saint notices when he sees how much they cost!

Justin goes to the Doctor today for his 2 week post op visit. I am hoping they take the drains out. I am also hoping they tell him he is cleared to do more. He has been such a trooper. I am also grateful I dodged the sponge bath.

Morning Dad. Morning Auntie.
Morning Dad. Morning Auntie.

 I start my day every morning making coffee and blowing a kiss to my Dad. This picture has been on my counter for at least 6 years. It is one of my favorites. I learned a lot about being a good sibling by the example these two set. Big Love.

I am getting ready to leave for work and am already stressing over finding a place to park. The snow creates huge problems with parking. I could walk but I am afraid of falling on my a** again. The city does not enforce the please shovel your sidewalk rule. The city also provides about 20 parking spaces, on a good day, for the 60 plus employees of the school. But hey I have a good idea! Let’s build casino and see how well the city manages that one!

The Noise in my head…………………..and it is just a dull hum like the noise on the TV when there is just static.

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