The Noise In My Head…….I hear wedding bells.

The Noise In My Head…….I hear wedding bells.

j and EJake and Elizabeth are getting married in 13 sleeps. Two weeks from today they will be Mr. Mrs. Jacob Hanley or how I will refer to them, Mr. and Mrs. Jakey Boom Boom Hanney. So you can only imagine that my head has been filled with thoughts of them and the upcoming celebrations. I wish I could say that my thoughts have all been happy ones but I can not help but feel bittersweet that Dad will not be here to witness his grandson’s wedding. His first grandchild. His pride and  joy. I am forever grateful that Dad was able to spend time with Elizabeth and loved her as much as we all do. Dad’s not being there is breaking my heart and coloring the way I feel about the festivities to be but I am focusing on Jake and Elizabeth and their happiness. I am also really hoping they do not serve a vegan wedding cake. Here comes the Noise (I bet you thought I was going to say Bride!).

What would Emily Post say if I snuck in a cupcake?

Is snuck a word? Spell check is saying no. Should it be sneaked in? That sounds wrong. Ed!, Help me! Snuck or sneaked?

Wedding Party Shenanigans.
Wedding Party Shenanigans.

How much do I love that Triple P and the Thinker spent last night helping Jake and Elizabeth celebrate their upcoming nuptials. I love that they are not the Bachelor/Bachelorette type and celebrated in a classy way. I never understood the let’s get drunk and watch people take their clothes of mentality. How in the hell does that celebrate two people loving each other and getting married? Dinner, Drinks and  Bowling. I can get behind that kind of party. I am grateful that Riss and Mario are close to their cousins and consider them their closest friends. It makes me think of Sienna and Ugo and how much I love them.

What am I going to wear to the wedding? I have tons of dresses but none that say I am taking a gondola to the top of a mountain to watch my nephew get married. What dress do I have that will go with Sorel Boots?

What am I going to say at the ceremony? They asked me to do a reading and I am tortured trying to pick something. I have narrowed it down to two choices. They could not be more different if I had picked one from Shakespeare and one from the Sunday comics. I am going to run them both by my sisters. The sisters will have the final word.

I hope I do not cry. (Who am I kidding here? I am going to cry).

I hope I don’t tackle Georjan and knock her to the ground during the Mother/Son dance. I have always considered Jake and Sam my own children. There really should be an Auntie Dance.

I am pretending that Andi and Mom can be there. It seems surreal to me that they will not be with us. I am happy Andi is healing but hate that her surgery is keeping her from being with us. It’s wrong just very, very wrong.

I think it’s funny that when I called the Lodge to book our rooms the very nice man on the phone was excitedly telling me all that they offer their guests. He asked if I liked to ski. I said “No!”. ( Sorry Dad). He seemed surprised by that but then asked “Will you be enjoying our Spa Services?”. Again, I said “No”. (Sorry Andi). The poor man seemed genuinely perplexed and asked in a shaky quiet voice “Well, our Village is charming, do you like to shop?”. And we have a WINNER! We were both very relieved and ended the call on a happy note.

I just keep seeing images of Jake through the years in my head. It’s like a movie playing in slow motion. Where has that little curly-haired boy gone?

The Noise in my head……..and I keep hearing Jakey singing this.

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  1. janetta, love this blog…am starting to get excited as well as overwhelmed and teary..where has the time gone… i am so looking forward to celebrating with my”family” i am heading to Boston friday morning to pick up Sienna and then heading to Vermont from their any idea how long from boston? are u coming down next sunday? hope to see you.. love you with all my heart…

    • I love you. I think from Boston to Stowe is about 3 1/2 hours. Maybe a little less. We are hoping to leave around noon. yes, I will see you this weekend. I have narrowed the reading down to two choices and need everyone to help me choose which one. My sweet baby boy is getting married and I can not even believe how full my heart is. get ready for lots of laughter, dancing and TEARS!!!!

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