Dad #18

Dad #18

dandkDear Dad,

I was thinking of you at 10:30 this morning just like I do every Saturday morning. I really miss our Saturday morning phone calls. It occurred to me that last year at this time you were here visiting. We had the best week. I know we ran you ragged making sure you spent time with all of us and bouncing from celebration to celebration. 2 nights here, 2 nights at Gigi’s and 2 nights at Masti’s. I think we had 2 parties, the Birthday Brunch and Louie’s 50th, plus you were able to spend time with Micheal and Joanne. It really was the best visit. We created a million memories in a short amount of time. I smile when I think of you throwing dollar bills at Angelina after she sang and taking the time to meet the Kindergarteners that were so impressed to meet Jakey Boom Boom’s grandfather. I will never forget you getting your Iphone and everyone trying to teach you how to use it.  Such great memories. But the memory I hold dearest in my heart and makes me catch my breath is the two mornings I woke up, came out into my kitchen and saw you sitting at my kitchen table with your beloved Dunkin Donuts and your USA Today. Both mornings you looked up with a big smile on your face and said “Skunk!” and then put your paper down and waited for me to join you. I miss you. I love you and I will honor you always.



P.S. I wish it was last year.

P.P.S. Your grandson is on the phone and I just heard him say “I need to get my eyebrows done”. What????

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