Noise! Noise! Noise!

Noise! Noise! Noise!

I have a head full of noise. I like it.

File under Good News/Bad News: I put on 3 shirts this morning before I found one that fit. (Good News, my hard work is paying off). Nothing in my closet fits (Bad News, nothing in my closet fits). Wait! that means I have to go shopping. Scratch that, it’s all good news!

I took my first Barre class last night and I did not hurt myself or anyone else! I am saddened that after about 20 years of dancing (long ago) I no longer have a strong core but at least I did it, right?

Natalie was so encouraging (as always) she kept saying “You a are a ship being hit by a wave, find your balance”. Little did she know I was the Titanic and I was going down. My ass is large enough to write “Titanic” across its stern.

My ass.

My ass.

For scientific reasons I want to conduct a taste test to see which Cadbury Mini Egg tastes the best, original milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate. Just for scientific reasons of course.


I am convinced that crushed ice makes my ice coffee taste so much better.

I am in desperate need of  mental health day. I have never really taken one before and I am not really sure how I would spend it. Maybe all day in bed reading, maybe all day at the mall shopping. I am not sure but  I believe I really meed one.

There are too many shows on TV.

I still have more boogies than I should in my nose. It is day 12 of my nose and head being invaded by the monster alien boogies and I am tired of it.

I want to go to Wahlburgers. Not to see Donnie or Marky Mark but to eat one of their Peanut Butter and Fluff cupcakes. Hello!

Where did the sunshine go?

In an attempt to bring music back into my life I have been turning on the radio as soon as I walk into the house. It has been nice. The added bonus is listening to The Thinker sing along. He knows every song! Triple P does not sing along  because she “samples” music. She listens to a few minutes and then changes the song looking for something better. She is crazy.

The 4th graders at our school put out a newspaper every semester. It is such a great project. They honored me by interviewing me for this issue. It was so sweet. I loved talking with them and answering their questions. They gave me a copy hot off the press yesterday. Sadly, the first thing I wanted to do was send one to Dad. He would have gotten such a kick out of it.  I miss him.newspaper

When they asked me how I became a Library Aide I told them I considered myself very lucky to have the job. In the article they wrote “She decided to become a library aide because she was lucky enough to get the job”. Ha! I love that and it is 100% completely true. I was lucky enough to get this job

A boy I think is fabulous did this. I love you Spencer.

The Noise In My Head……………and it is hearing this. Thanks to Natalie I was the one sobbing during cool down last night. This version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow gets me every time.

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