The Noise In My Head This Weekend.

The Noise In My Head This Weekend.

Right at this moment, as I write this, my baby is waking up in LA. When I got home from work last Friday he informed me he was leaving right at that moment for a Networking convention in North Carolina. My first reaction was to grab him by the legs, tackle him to the ground and say “NO! NO! NO!”. But not wanting to be “that Mom” I just said “OK Honey, please call me when you get there”. When he returned from North Carolina he informed me he was leaving the next day for LA/Vegas. The boy is trying to kill me. This time I did grab his legs, tackle him to the ground and say “NO! NO! NO!”. He is in LA. Clearly he wants to kill me.

I apologize to all the cars that followed me from Suffolk Downs to Winthrop this morning with my right directional blinking. I may have been listening to the radio a wee bit too loud to hear that it was still on. My apologies.


                    I know how very wrong this is but none the less, it helps the sad.

It is Sunday afternoon and all I have accomplished this weekend is one Zumba class, breakfast with friends, cleaned the Thinker’s drawers, Sam came for the weekend,  dinner and games with friends, coffee with friends, made Mac and Cheese, read the Sunday paper, watched Red Dawn (the original was better), one load of laundry, caught up in my journal and played on this blog. I did not do any of my weekend cleaning. Whatever.

Jose "working" in Vegas.

Jose “working” in Vegas.

I know I told you The Thinker is in LA/Vegas. What you might not know is that when he was in 1st grade he changed his name to Jose. Yup, he did. He walked into the nurse’s office (his favorite place to be) and told Nurse Stacey he was changing his name to Jose. Fast forward to today and the only two people who still call him Jose are Stacey and my Dad. My Dad loved a nickname and Jose stuck. Mario has been away for a week and I have heard from him 3 times. His second text said “Ma, I had to use someone else’s pass to get into the Pizza Show and the name on my pass is Jose”. You can not tell me that wasn’t my Dad  letting him know he was happy he and Ugo were together in Vegas and that he was with them both. Jose and Girrard. (Ugo’s nickname).

 The boogies are back and since I only had clear nostrils for a week I was thinking maybe I had allergies. On Friday I decided to take a Zyrtec and see if that helped. I got the bottle from the medicine cabinet and tried to read the directions. I said tried because with my glasses on and with my glasses off I could not read the teeny, tiny print. At one point I sat down and tried to read it. Not really sure why I thought sitting down would make me see better but I tried. Finally I gave up and brought the bottle to work and had Janeeen read me the dosage. It did not help. I do not have allergies. I am old.

I am happy to know that if I wake up at 4:00 am and can not fall back to sleep at least 3 of my friends are also up and willing to chat.


A friend posted this on her wall; In French you do not say “I miss you”. You say “Tu me manques” which means “You are missing from me”. Even though I took 4 years of French I am not sure if this is true. None the less, I think it’s perfect. So, “Mon Pere, tu me manques”. I love that.

The Saint still has not found a truck. It’s getting ugly.

These last few days my heart has been in California with my family. I have been taking comfort in the many pictures and memories I have of my family in the house. It feels as if I am surrounded by their love. I miss them and I hope they know they are always in my heart. See! they are not tchotchkes, they are love.

Grandma clubThis is a photo of my Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles at a night club. Sienna used the photo as an invitation. She is cool like that.  It is on my bureau so I see it every day.


plaqueSienna made this for me. It is hanging on the wall in my bedroom. It reminds me that we share blood.


Cleofe’s school picture is tucked into my bureau mirror with a million other memories. I never look in the mirror but I always look at the photos.


This a a Donald Duck Sienna bought me on a memorable trip to Disneyland where Ben impressed me with his corn dog eating skills despite being hung over. He is missing a foot, Donald not Ben, but I still love him. I would still love Ben if he was missing a foot which he is not.


This photo of Cleofe sits on my kitchen counter in my favorite frame. Because I spend so much time in the kitchen (eating) I see her beautiful face a million times a day. That is an estimate.


And this is my all time favorite photo of Sienna. I love that I have a copy of this picture that hangs in my Aunt and Uncle’s house. How could you not love this face?

So, as much as I am missing my family in LA I am happy to see them in my every day surroundings.

Can you tell my heart is in LA this weekend?

The Noise In My Head……….and it is singing this.

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  1. Great post. Three comments (you’d be disappointed if I didn’t, right? ;-). Lol)… 1) Do not tackle Mario / Jose for traveling, getting out and seeing the world. Encourage it as I know you are proud of him. 2) sounds like a busy and productive weekend to me. 3) Yes, you are old. 😛

  2. AAWWWWW!!! I love this song! I’ve never even lived in CA – only visited – I’m such an East Coast girl, but I so get this song. : ) And what the hell is up with the sleet today!!??? Seriously!!! GO AWAY!!! : )

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