Bless me Weight Watchers it has been one week since my last weigh in and I have sinned. I have been doing some grief eating these last few days and as I have prayed at your altar before you know I think grief eating should be free of points. I will confess and count the 1and 1/2 pieces of See’s Candy I ate but since See’s Butterscotch squares are made in Heaven they absolutely should not count. Since that is not the case I think I should skip this weeks weigh in and atone my sins until next Monday. Oh Dear God I will be on vacation next week, do you have to count points while vacation eating and if so can tequila count as a free beverage point. I really am trying here and can only hope that you forgive me of my sins and help me find my way back. I did pay $4.53 for a low fat Greek yogurt at the Airport that costs a $1.05 at Market Basket. I think that covers my penance.

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  1. As your leader I hearby absolve you of your food and alcohol sins. As long as you eat at least 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Then you will feel better. 😉

    • I feel good! Definitely using the tools you have taught me and not feeling deprived. You may get an SOS from Vegas. Thank You for everything!

  2. Tequila should definitely count as a free beverage point!!! SO sorry to read about your Uncle. When it rains it pours…..

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