Doesn't everyone have an empty shoe box and gender neutral wrapping papaer in their basement in case their 24 year old daughter needs it for a project with one of her clients?

Doesn’t everyone have an empty shoe box and gender neutral wrapping papaer in their basement in case their 24 year old daughter needs it for a project with one of her clients?

The Noises in my head have been off the chart. They are not even quiet when I am sleeping. If I am not tossing and turning trying to sleep I am having wild dreams. I have to write them down but more often than not I can not find the right words. The noise in my head sounds like a big, loud orchestra. I know I have spoken/written about the noise in my head many times but I am wondering if any of you have noise as well. Does your chain of thoughts just tumble from one thing to the next? Do you feel the need to get them out and put them on paper? Maybe they come out another way? I have discovered that dancing helps the noises. Many years ago dancing was the best way to quiet the noises and I have only recently discovered that again. I am not quote dancing the same way i use to or as well as I use to but I have found that peace that comes after a really good class again. Well, here comes the noise. I hope you have had your coffee

Speaking of coffee no matter how tired I am I can really only tolerate one Iced Coffee a day. If I have anymore my head spins (like I need help with that) and my tummy hurts. Do not let me have more than one iced coffee a day!

And if you get me one I am really enjoying the Snicker doodle Iced coffee from the Center Cafe. Thanks Annie!

When drinking coffee at home I have given up Sweet and Low and cream. I am using Stevia and Coconut milk and I really like it.

I love the 15 minutes every morning that I drink my coffee and play online.

Why do I always look like a man in photos? ALWAYS! Do I really look like a drag queen and nobody has the guts to tell me? If ever there comes a day that I take a good picture I am going to plaster that puppy everywhere! I am going to make photo card announcements that say “FINALLY! Janet took a good picture!” and send them to everyone I know. I don’t even care if I have to Photoshop the hell out of it. I am doing it.

Speaking of woman playing a man playing a woman (ME) that reminds me of Victor/Victoria. I love this little number. And this one. Who knew Lesley Ann Warren was such a good dancer and so funny. I loved her in this movie. She was also in Pure Country, another movie I love.

I bet you did not watch all the above links but that is OK because I watched them in their entirety when i added them and it made me happy.

Triple P asked me at 9:15 last night if I had an empty shoe box and gender neutral wrapping paper. It instantly brought me back to last-minute projects in school and I was going to be cranky but then I became nostalgic and went with it. I found her what she needed. The Etienne Aigner shoe box reminded me that I have been searching for their wicker bait bag circa 1977 that I l love!!! I have searched high and low (code word eBay) and I have yet to find one, Be on the look out. I will be forever grateful.

That gender neutral wrapping paper reminds me of Olives in a Martini. Do you see it?

19 days until my Birthday, Are you ready? The Etienne Aigner Bait bag would make a lovely gift. Hint. Hint.

What is about me and bags?

No matter what I do or how well we plan the last 2 weeks of school are insane.

Ok, I lied. I did not plan as well as I should have. Guess who is writing the 1st graders letters late at night? Me! Guess who could be writing the letters right now? Oh that would be me.

I love my Timehop App.

I love my Weight Watchers App.

It amazes me that I have been doing weight watchers for almost 6 months. July 1 will be the 6 month mark July 1st will also be the day I whoop Ed at ‘Happy Month” but that is for another post. July 1st will also be the end of my Birthday Month and the beginning of Andi’s but I am ok with that (Kind of sort of). 6 months. Wow, I have been very open about my “Get my head above water” journey but have  not said too much about Weight Watchers. I honestly believe that everyone has to find their own journey and what works for them. Who am I to judge what path you take? I can only tell you with great certainty that Weight Watchers has worked for me. it has been very doable. It has been a great community of people on all different journeys supporting each other. I will say that everyone should have a Natalie and an Andrea in their life and if you live in the vicinity and ready for your own journey I will hook you up with these two amazing life changers. I really do not want to share but I feel so good and I am a giver so I will make the exception. I will say this 6 months, 60 pounds and I never felt like I was ‘Dieitng” just keeping my head above water. You can do this.

 I just got the news that a dear friend lost her Dad last night. My heart is breaking for her. I am going to stop writing for a bit and just be with her in my thoughts.

I hope you all have a good day,

Hug the people you love and not only tell them that repeatedly today but show them.

Big Love.

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  1. Today…a list
    OMG the noise. I get it too. Over & Over, Round & Round.
    I’ll wake up with the song that was in there when I went to sleep, still blaring when I wake up….does it play all night??
    I LOVE Victor/Victoria.
    You DO not look like a Man in photos. : )
    Happy Early Birthday!!!!!
    Congratulations on kicking W.W.’s butt!
    BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!!

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