FYI, I need a new car.

FYI, I need a new car.
My baby has never taken a bad picture.

My baby has never taken a bad picture.

I need a new car. You have no idea how much this sucks on so many different levels. First and foremost is I love my car. I mean I seriously love my car. I thought we would be together for a long time. I saw somebody driving a Pacifica in I believe 2004 or 2005 and it was love at first sight. If you know me at all you know I really am not a “car” girl. Sure, I love a convertible and have been in beautiful cars and thought this is fun but I have never lusted after anything with 4 wheels. I did have a brief “When I grow up I am going to drive a pink convertible just like Barbie” phase when I was 8 and have always thought a vintage car would be cool to drive. I  also liked those car/truck things in the 70’s, I think they were called an El Camino but no matter how much I begged mt Dad would never get one. If you twisted my arm and asked me what my absolute dream car is I would say a White Range Rover with a tan leather interior but since that is never going to happen I have never really cared what I drove as long as it worked until I saw my Pacifica. There is really nothing that stands out about the Pacifica but it appealed to me and I wanted one BADLY! I even went to a Dealership ( all by myself I might add) to check it out and if you know me at all that was a huge move on my part! So, I feel in love with the car and told the ever patient Jimi and Harry to find me my dream car. And they did.

After Months of looking and weeding through Car Faxes they found a car they thought worthy of everything I dreamed of. The only problem was I had wanted it to be Black or Navy. You should know that of all the cars I have had over the years I have never “Picked” one. I just did not care. I either drove my sister’s hand me downs, Louie bought our car when we got married and all 3 vans I had when the kids were little were ones that Jimi had found for me and said “You should get this one” so I did. When my heart decided on the Pacifica I had some serious specifications and I was serious about them. So when Jimi called and said I found a Pacifica in perfect shape you need this car my first question was “What color is it?”. Not what is the mileage?, How is the Car Fax? or has it ever been in an accident. I wanted to know the color. That is how I roll. She quietly said “It.s a cross between a green and a blue”. What? Do I look like a cross between a green and a blue girl? I don’t think so. My hopes were dashed. Jimi said “Just look at it. You do not have to take it. It’s such a good car we will sell it no matter what”. My Dad was staying at their house as we were getting ready to celebrate Sam’s Graduation. He got on the phone and very excitedly said “Skunk, it is beautiful, You have to take this car”. I was doubtful.

I would like to say that the first time I saw the car it was love at first sight but that is not true. You know my history with graduation parties and I after the loooooong car drive from Mystic to Farmington counting from 1 to 100 over and over again to keep from throwing up I was too intoxicated to really see it for the first time. I vaguely remember running by it in the garage on my way to the bathroom where I spent the night. Family lore says I did look at it and say “Pretty, oh pretty” but I am not positive. It was love at first sight when I saw it for the first time the next morning sober with a cup of coffee in hand, I loved my car then and I love my car now and it is killing me that my car is dying. It happened very suddenly and we are not positive when it will take its final breath (something about leak in the engine, oil, rings. pistons) all I know is that it is on its way out and it not worth fixing. I am devastated.

This has been a terrible year. And I know I have written about my attaching feelings and memories to objects that some people (MARISSA) say are unhealthy but the memories tied into my car are many. Starting with how excited my Dad was for me to have the car I really wanted and Louie (get ready, I am going to be nice to The Saint here) being able to get it for me. And letting the car go is going to be hard. I love my car.

So besides my emotional upheaval there are other issues starting with WE JUST BOUGHT THE SAINT A NEW TRUCK and since Sallie Mae gets all of our other money we are really not looking forward to another car purchase. Like I said, I was perfectly happy to drive my beloved Pacifica for another 10 years. We have not a had a car payment since 2005! The money thing is freaking me out and the worst of the worst, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WANT! I don’t like anything. I know what I don’t like but I have no idea what I want. Do I want an SUV? Do I want a car? What do I do? It took me 2 years to pick curtains. I still have not replaced my laptop because I can not choose between an Ipad with a keyboard or another laptop and it took 6 months to pick a TV!!!! Time is of the essence and I have no idea what to do. Jimi is going to keep her eyes open, I am asking for your opinions and wishing I could call for Dad for advice. I am going to ask the Car Fairy to leave a White Range Rover in my driveway but until that happens I welcome your advice, And your condolences, I love my car.

The Noise In My Head…….and it is singing “See the USA in a Chevrolet“. Maybe it is a sign to buy a Chevy?

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  1. Get a Honda…I love love love my 2006 Civic which I drove cross country that year and is still awesome! Lorna just bought the sporty version of the Honda Accord and loves it! Can’t go wrong with a Honda, and if what you see on TV is true, the salesman will do anything you need done around the house to get the sale!

    • The one and only car we ever bought brand new was a Honda and I had it for almost 11 years. It is on the short list! I think i want a cross over and am not in love with the CRV but I do not think I am going to like anything after my Pacifica. I really loved that car.

        • I love your car! I am just not sure what to do. Honestly, I am going to get whatever Jimi finds for me that she thinks is a good car for me. Fingers crossed that I like it. I do not want a car payment.

  2. Dear GF,
    I am saddened by this news, I too fell in love with your ride <3!
    The color was perfect and the ride to your condo was enjoyable and so on. Good luck on the car fairy coming, I do see the rays of sunshine beaming down on your love.
    I'm hoping my Sara can get a new car from the car fairy too!!

    All My Love <3 <3

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