Saturday Morning Noise

Saturday Morning Noise



Happy first day of SUMMER!

For me Baby Girl singing this song is going to be the soundtrack to this summer. (Doesn’t every 12 year old sing with a big band backing her up?).

Speaking of soundtrack that reminded me that Dick Clark always said that music is the soundtrack of your life. Thinking of Dick Clark made me remember that Casey Kasam recently passed away. I loved listening to his countdowns. I remember if we were driving and we got home before he reached the #1 song of the week we would wait in the car and listen. I especially loved his long distance dedications.  They always made me cry.

Summer is no Autumn  but it runs a pretty close second to my favorite season and I am so grateful for this beautiful day,

Driving back from class this morning I had all the windows and the sunroof open. It was Heaven. I always slow down when I am crossing the bridge from Winthrop into East Boston and look up through the sunroof and if I am really lucky a plane will be coming in for a landing and it feels like it is right on top of me. It is a pretty cool feeling. I love that which is funny considering how much I hate flying.

I love that the Dunkin Donuts on that bridge is so busy on the weekends that they need a detail cop.

One day I am going to get the courage up to stop and talk to the man who I always see standing on the bridge taking pictures. I think he is taking pictures of the planes landing. I want to talk to him.

I listened to the new JLo CD on the way home. I love track # 8, Let It be Me. Yes Ed White, I just said CD and Track. It’s how I roll.

I am so excited to have nothing to do today that I do not know what to do first!

Yesterday I seriously had a freak out when I realized we were out of Pink Lady apples. I had to run to the store and get some. The times they are a changing. (Cake and Fluff will always be my first loves). I blame Andrea.

marblesSpeaking of which Caitlin gave me this super idea to help me keep focused on my journey for these months we are apart. We are calling it losing our marbles. Each marble/stone in the jar on the left represents a pound lost. The jar on the right holds marbles/stones that represent the weight I still want to lose. I loved this idea and keep my anchor near flowers which reminds me that my journey is not just about losing weight but keeping my head above water, honoring my Dad and taking the time to smell the flowers. I also just love flowers. I love this anchor. You should do it.

A woman whose writing I greatly admire recently liked something I posted on Facebook. I was so excited I took a snapshot of it and look at it whenever I need a boost. I am a geek and a stalker. Admitting it is the first step.

My Birthday is in 9 days. I hope you are ready. Enough said.

I get to see Andi in 12 sleeps. So excited.

So many summer songs are crowding into my head right now. I like this one and this one and this one!

Happy summer Solstice.

I think I will celebrate with corn on the cob and fresh strawberries.

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