Birthday Noise!!!!!!

Birthday Noise!!!!!!

I love my Birthday. There might be one or two people left in the universe that do not know that so let me be perfectly clear. I love my Birthday!

I am not sure when or how my love of Birthday’s was born but I think it has something to do with the following.

I love cake.

I love presents.

I love cards.

My Dad loved his Birthday.

My Birthday is in the summer.

My family made Birthdays a celebration.

There was usually kitchen dancing involved.

You get to celebrate with your friends.

You get to make a wish.

Everyone has to be nice to you.

There is a party.

I mean really what is not to love?

This year was a little bit different. I knew it, I felt it but none the less it was my Birthday and I was determined to celebrate. So, I started my day by reading all your amazing messages and hearing from my family and friends. Thank you for those calls and messages. But the biggest surprise came from my Baby Boy. I do not want to brag or anything but on his very own, without any prompting from his sister or his father he not only bought me a gift but a card as well. And in the card he wrote the most loving message. It was almost too much for me to handle. It was so unexpected but also bittersweet because for the first time ever The Thinker and Triple P did something separately for me. When they were very little The Saint was in charge which meant I went out got what I wanted, brought it home, wrapped it and gave it to The Saint to give to the kids to give to me. Oh, and I picked out my own card. The one time The Saint was in charge of the card he bought one that said Grandmother. Gee, thanks. As soon as Triple P was old enough to take charge she did and always surprised me with the sweetest most thoughtful gifts. The Thinker usually just showed up at the last minute and signed the card “Mario” .  She is a good gift giver. I wonder where she gets that from?  I feared The Thinker was following in his Father’s footsteps but in the last year he has really come into his own. He has given his girlfriend very thoughtful gifts (we wont talk about the beta fish that had to be replaced twice before they gave up) and stepped it up. Yesterday he surprised me and did something all on his own. My heart was full.



But before you get all warm and fuzzy about my boy let me tell you this, I instantly wanted to play with my new toy and asked for his help. He was too busy and told me that I should be able to figure it out by myself so if you know any 8 year olds that would be willing to show me how to use this thing please send them my way. I am lost.

Triple P as always nailed it. She bought us tickets to see Pitbull. I may be the oldest, whitest girl wearing the most clothes there but I will be dancing.

The Saint bought me chocolate cake. Enough said. Reason # 2,840 I drink.

Yesterday there was a huge void in my day. Despite all the messages, calls, cards and celebrating the one person I did not hear from left a huge hole.I do think that he would have been so appreciative of all your love and support. He would have loved Corinne and then Jake and Elizabeth calling to terribly sing Happy Birthday to me. He would have loved Katelyn’s sweet text. He would have read all my cards. He would have been so proud of The Thinker surprising me. He would have asked me to read to him the messages on the Book of Faces (I kid you not) . He would have been thrilled that The saint bought chocolate cake instead of crappy white. He loved chocolate cake. In hindsight maybe that was him?!? Maybe that was his way to be here?.  None the less, despite the void of not receiving his call or card, he was in my heart all day. I recently read that the heart is a wonderful thing, it can keep things alive forever.

(Thank You Donna Wallace Calborne)

The Noise in My head, and it is full of all your good wishes. I am forever grateful. I know I say that a lot and it may lose some of it’s meaning in saying it too much but please know I mean it. I. AM. FOREVER. GRATEFUL. FOR. MY. FRIENDS. Got it!

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  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Just in case you didn’t get enough well wishes yesterday!! : ) ….It was yesterday, right?….

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