Lazy, Rainy Sunday Noise.

Lazy, Rainy Sunday Noise.

I can not stop sneezing. My record is 14 in a row. I may break that record today.

I love when the UPS/Mailman delivers something to the house I forgot I ordered. It’s like Christmas. This happens more often than you would think which either means I am old or that I have a problem, maybe both. Who cares? I love it when it happens.


I am watching “The West Wing” on Netflix. I like it even more the second time around. I have Marissa hooked on it as well. I would vote for Jed Bartlett for President.  What is really scary is that Season One aired in 1999 – 2000 and much of the topics covered are STILL relevant today.

Commercials either piss me off or make me happy. There is no in between.

Summer is going way too fast. Why does that keep happening? Any idea on how to slow things down?

I need to go an a boat ride. I miss our summers on the boat. If you have a boat I am dropping a major hint that I am in dire need of a boat ride.

My goal is to be dressed before noon today. It’s not looking good.

How is it possible I am 52?

Have I mentioned I lost my boobs?


Not sure why today more than any other day I am missing my SBS sisters, all of them. Maybe because I know that Holly is thinking of us from so far away. Maybe because of all the horrible things happening in the world I am holding those I love most close to my heart. Maybe because I just do.


Don’t feed the Greed. I will continue to Boycott MB but I really miss my store. I paid $3.00 more for Feta Cheese at Stop and Shop yesterday. Ugh. (I love Feta Cheese).

I am going to practice taking “Selfies” today. I always look ridiculous when I try to take one. I will never understand people taking selfies in the bathroom. You are in the bathroom. Really, you are in the bathroom and we can see you. Melanie and Shai are really good at “selfies”. They always look so good. Maybe they can help me. Please?

Why do I want to take a good “selfie” so badly. I have no idea. What does that say about me?

I always look like a man in photos so why bother.

Now that I have lost my boobs I will really look like a man.

One year ago today Andi and I went to Atlanta to spend some time with my Dad, It was a time of great uncertainty but I needed to see him, to touch him, to hear his voice and to take him in. It was a surreal experience and looking back on it completely different from any other time that I had ever spent with my father. He was different, it was different  but life was different. Still, I am so grateful for that 48 hours and would do it over again in a heartbeat. The last thing he said to me that weekend was “Skunk, thanks for coming”. Sometimes I miss my Dad so much it physically hurts.

Last year at this time I started seriously self medicating with food. (Coincidence? I don’t think so) I remember going back to the hotel room and hitting up the vending machines. Andi and I crawled into her bed with all our goodies and ate everything we bought. Shell shocked, hurting, not saying a word and hoping that the sugary goodness would make us feel better. It didn’t.

We had a lovely time celebrating Ann’s Birthday last night. See! I am capable of celebrating other people’s birthdays!

The North End was crazy busy. The tourists were out in full force looking for Mike’s Pastry. I almost wanted to tell them about Bova but decided to keep it our own little secret. If they think Mike’s is so good they do not deserve Bova’s.

Speaking of dinner in the North End I can not figure out how many points a white/lemon sauce is and do I want to know?

I stayed up too late watching “The West Wing” last night.

Not working is really cutting into my shopping money.

I am still looking for a spaghetti squash. If and when Market Basket reopens I promise to never make fun of it again! If you see spaghetti squash could you please pick up one or two for me. Thank you.

 Do you want to hear something I find really odd? If you don’t stop reading because I am going to write about it anyway. Everyone has been so nice and has showered me with compliments on my weight loss. And even though it embarrasses me I appreciate the kind words and it has helped to keep me motivated on my journey. What has surprised me is that when I am doing something the exact same way I have done it before the weight loss and someone compliments me on it. Twice in Zumba class someone has mentioned how well I am moving and I even got a “You are quite the dancer”. Please do not misunderstand, I am so grateful for the kindness but I am dancing the way I have always danced. What surprises me is that people did not notice me before when I took up more space. Didn’t the see me when I was heavier? I would have thought I was much more visible. None the less, I am not complaining, just getting the noise out of my head.

I am loving the sound of the rain and the thunder. I am so grateful I have nowhere to be today.

I think this post has gone on long enough.

Lazy, rainy Sunday.











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