Noise. Scream. Noise. Scream.

Noise. Scream. Noise. Scream.

Apparently my car has more than one life. Fingers crossed and let’s hope I do not break down somewhere on the side of some dark scary road or worse on 95 South. The original diagnosis was that there was oil leaking into the pistons. (whatever that means) and it was a goner. We started looking for a new car. I was out of town for 15 days and on the 14th day The Saint decided to get a second opinion. This mechanic thought it might be the catalytic converter (whatever that means) and also suggested a tire rod, new tires and a front end alignment. He suggested that I drive it 500 miles and then he would check the oil used and if/when the check engine light came back on he would hook it up to the diagnostic thingy ma bob (whatever that is). I was too afraid of breaking down to drive it far but lo and behold the check engine light came back on 3 weeks later. My baby was hooked up to the diagnostic thingy ma bob (whatever that is) and it was diagnosed with a bad catalytic converter. So, that has been replaced and supposedly all is well. I am happy to still have my car. I love my car. I did not want another car payment. This journey began weeks ago. This is good news but I am still nervous to drive it and I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

rThree days ago my refrigerator started acting funky. It has already had one thing fixed but it still is acting up. The freezer will not freeze. The repairman is coming again today. Seriously.

I am having people over in 4 days. This could be a problem.

So the question is, is this the other shoe dropping? Is it safe to drive my car without fear of breaking down? Or do I go with the belief that bad things happen in three and wait for the next object to break. Oh Sweet Baby Jesus, please do not let it be Triple P’s hair straightener. I don’t think the family could survive Triple P without her hair straightener.

The Noise in My Head …….and it is saying over and over “It’s ok.It’s ok. They are just things. What’s another repair bill? Just add it to the pile”. Then I can not hear anything over the screaming. it’s all good.

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  1. I’m thinking (and hoping) you’re good with the car. Your model is prove to catalytic issues. The fridge…I have no advice for, but good luck!

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