Dad’s Birthday

Dad’s Birthday


Friends and Family,

I am dreading Dad’s Birthday for a hundred different reasons. I could list them all (we all know I love listing things) but I fear that when I  finished I would be curled up on the floor in the fetal position crying my eyes out. So suffice it to say that it is going to be an incredibly hard day because he loved his Birthday and he is not here. It’s that simple.

I had this really grand idea to create a Facebook page and invite all of you that knew and loved him to honor him on his Birthday by going to your local Red Cross and donating blood in his memory. I never got my sh*t together. If you know me at all you know I have been “underwater” since this all happened and have had the hardest time following through or getting the simplest task accomplished. I refuse to beat myself up so just  accept my half assed attempt, nod your head and go along with it. Please.

Dad took great pride in being a Blood Donor. They knew him well at his local Red Cross center and even provided his favorite cookies and allowed him more than one because he was such a frequent flyer. He was visiting once when they called him to remind him of an upcoming appointment. I remember asking him who the call was from because he spoke to the woman by name and like an old friend. But I should not have been surprised, everyone he met became a friend. He was that special.

So, I know August 15th is going to be a hard day. This whole week is going to be hard. So many celebrations where his presence will be missed. I have recently spent time with my sisters, made plans with dear friends on his actual birthday to see the fabulous Andrew perform in ‘Les Mis” and am going to celebrate The Thinker turning 22. All things to look forward to but this week I have an appointment to donate blood in honor of my Dad. I will do this for him and because of him. Then I will come home and curl up on the floor in the fetal position and cry. I miss him.

If you are so inclined and not afraid of needles please go to your local Red Cross center and donate blood in Dad’s memory. Then eat a whole bunch of chocolate chip cookies or chocolate cake (or both). Take a moment  and remember  Dad and how much he loved his Birthday and all of you.

Next year I promise to have my sh*t together and we will make this donation thing more formal and organized. Hopefully.

Big Love,


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  1. oh J, this was sweet to read.
    I am so drawn to you because of how sweet you and ALL of your family members are–I wish we were closer at SBS and even after. but so glad to have found you.
    I think the best thing you can do is to just celebrate his day, and I mean celebrate by having friends over and just chat. I mean, why be sad? It does nada.

    • Love you more and am so grateful for the love and support of my friends. I will never forget you all coming to see me right after he passed. It was a GOOD day! I have made plans for the day and will keep myself surrounded by all you good people and your comforting love. I am happy we found each other.

  2. Janet my dad too gave blood. What an awesome idea! I remember as a lil kid his “pins” from the Red Cross. Those pins went from pints to gallons he had given over the years! He served in WW2 & said that’s what motivated him to donate. I think if one can’t donate blood….donate some time, the cookies or the juice, can even do a FUNraiser.I park on purpose at our NYS Fair in the Red Cross parking …all fees go to RC …$10 :) Beautifully said JDC….Huge HUGZzzzzzzzzzzzzz to you & your sisters ….my SBS sista.

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