Snow Day #5

Snow Day #5

Disclaimer: I wrote this on Monday night and in my sloth like state forgot to hit publish.

Olive Street Monday Night.

Olive Street Monday Night.

It is now Snow Day # 5 and I am beginning to lose my mind. I am grateful for the small opportunities I have had to be out of the house but there is something about being held captive in your home by the snow that distorts your sense of reality. Well, at least mine and I woke up to more snow and these thoughts.

What day is it and shouldn’t I be somewhere?

Then I remembered it’s snowing. Again.

I believe I have listened more to what Jeremy Reiner has had to say then anyone in my family.

Which is kind of hard considering just how much Triple P talks. She says that she likes to “talk things through” which means she tells me every single thing she is going to do, is thinking about doing or might do in the very near future. I wish she would just leave me and Jeremy alone so I will know exactly how many more inches of snow we are going to get and when we might see the light of day again.

That being said when she does venture out I worry every minute until she is safely home.

The Saint has holed up in his apartment so I have to worry about him as well but he never answers my calls/texts so I have to assume the worst.

I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder in The Long Winter. We would be in big trouble if The Saint had to go by horse, with his brother through a raging blizzard, to meet a train stuck in the snow to get food to save the town. Thank goodness I made him go to Market basket with me on Friday. It was much simpler and we got more than just wheat to grind into bread.

You would think I would be more productive. I have not. The more time I spend in the house the less I do. I think I understand why bears hibernate. I mean really? how much time can you spend organizing your cave? It makes much more sense to eat until you pass out and then sleep it off.

Should I shower today? I mean who is going to see me? Even though I spend about 8 hours of the day with Jeremy he can’t see me.

They just called school off for tomorrow. I will see you in the spring.




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