Help Me!!!!!

Help Me!!!!!
Me sabotaging me. Nice.

Me sabotaging me. Nice.

AAAGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I broke the Cardinal Weight Watchers Rule. I have been indulging in the delicious Chatila’s Oat Bran Muffins every day for about 10 days. I am obsessed with them. If You do not know about Chatila’s you should. It is this amazing bakery in Salem, New Hampshire that specializes in Sugar Free Baked Goods. Before you start in with me on Sugar Free products being filled with other crap, Stop! I know! If you know anything about me you know I am not giving up my baked goods and Chatila’s has been my saving grace, Anyhow in my excitement of falling in love with the muffins I calculated the point value as 2. I kept thinking, as I shoved a muffin in my face, that this is too good to be true. Guess what, it was. The nutrition info is for 1/2 of a muffin. HELLO!!!!! What am I an amateur? I know to read the serving size. How did I miss this? Rookie mistake. I feel like I sabotaged myself. I am like the Lindsay Lohan character in Mean Girls that gave Rachel McAdams the diet bars that actually made her gain weight. I did this to myself. Pathetic. I need Tina fey to come to my house and give me a pep talk to make me feel better about myself. Bye Bye delicious Oat Bran Muffins. Hello Muffin Top. (Insert bad word here).

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  1. Hi Janet,

    I’m sure you’ll be back on track in no time. I wish I had a “muffin top”, I have a spare tire. Back on track yesterday and feel better already. Battling this weight issue has become mind consuming. I’m fortunate to have my Sara by my side.
    Lots of luck with letting go of the muffins!!!

    Donna xo

    • You are so lucky, Sara is the best. I agree with you, the weight thing is so mind consuming. Sometimes that angers me. I wish I could just get to a place where it is not always forefront in my mind. Ugh! Without a doubt I have food issues. You need to focus on being well. We need to get your pain levels under control and then the rest will fall in place. You are already ahead of the game with Sara and Gloria! Love you.

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