Dad #20

Dad #20

                      (This commercial is titled Calls for Dad)

Dear Dad,

Yesterday was one of those days that I would have picked up the phone and called you. I know I called you all the time for every little thing. I loved sharing with you. I loved talking with you. I loved getting advice from you and most of all I loved how much better I felt after talking with you. Yesterday I was sucker punched. I was hurting. My very first thought was “Call Dad”. After the initial wave of sadness and then the next wave of anger washed over me realizing that I cold not call you, I sat back, closed my eyes and talked it out with you in my head. I could hear your voice and let it comfort me. I knew what advice you would have given. I knew what you would have said. I knew you would have made me see more clearly what in fact was bothering me. I am not saying that it was as good as picking up the phone and hearing your voice, but you taught me well. And I know without a doubt you would have made me laugh before I hung up. So, the universe can sucker punch away. I still have my Dad in my corner.

I also wanted to tell you that the Father’s Day crazy has begun. The commercials, Ads in the magazines. cards in the stores, it’s everywhere. They still make me catch my breath but I find myself smiling as well. I loved how you loved these holidays including your Birthday. Anything that was a celebration and most importantly celebrated you. I still have the last Father’s Day Card I bought you and never got to send. I bought 2 cards Father’s Day 2013 because I could not decide between the two. I bought one with the thought I would save the other for next year. I took it out last year, held it in hands and cried. I bet you are surprised that I remembered where I put it. I am too. Anyway, I will take it out and read it to you again this year. And even if I cry know that I will be smiling because I will be remembering how much you loved celebrating. And Cake. And Prizes. I wonder where I get it from?

I love you,

Mrs. Skunk.

P.S. They are talking about how to survive a shark attack on The Today Show, How about I swim in a pool? How about that?

P.S. I also wanted to tell you that Georjan treated us to lunch at Costello’s on Saturday. That’s right, she paid. I am sorry you weren’t there to witness it but I enjoyed it for all of us!

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  1. “So, the universe can sucker punch away. I still have my Dad in my corner.” THAT made me cry. Still SO hard!! But you’re doing it right! I think….. : )

    And I will definitely miss showing off my Dad on Dad’s day… : (

    • Me too Lisa, me too. We were so blessed and I am trying to remember the blessings continue. I really tried to handle this one the way I know he would have. He always said Take the High Road. I could hear his voice in my head. I miss him. xoxoxox

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