I am in love with these napkins. Ny Grandparents always used these napkins and when I was a little girl I thought they were super special and elegant. We only used the regular store brand paper napkins at home. My Grandmother always let us use the silver and the “good” plates. The napkins just completed the specialness of whatever she had made for us to eat, from her delicious spoon bread to her amazing toasted Muenster cheese sandwiches, I thought everything she did was special. Every time I use the napkins I am instantly transported back to their house and the happy memories created there. I will always use these napkins. Always.

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    • Yes! Mom and Grandma used linen napkins for special occassions but we used paper for every day. These napkins were much nicer than the ones we used at home. I thought they were very fancy. I thought everything my Grandmother did was special. And even when i first moved to Boston and was eating Mac and Cheese every night I splurged on these napkins. So, make sure I have these napkins in the nursing home. Thanks.

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