Noise. Noise. Noise.

Noise. Noise. Noise.
It's back!

It’s back!

The noise in my head has been pretty quiet. I think Andy Cohen quiets the noise. I am obsessed with my cat. It’s kind of pathetic. I would hate for anyone to think that I did not love Jack. That in some way Andy Cohen has replaced Jack because that would never, ever, ever happen. I just think Andy Cohen has come into my  life at a time that I really needed him. I needed some one to love, pamper and marvel over. He quiets the noise. He is just that special and I adore him. So, my head has been relatively quite and then today I realized I was making obsessive lists in my head and it was time to get them out.

Here goes.

  1. I love my cat.

  2. It is my happy time. I love everything about Autumn but I strongly dislike how dark it is when I wake up and in the late afternoon. I do love the golden autumn colors.

  3. I eat too much.

  4. I do not like wearing pants.

  5. The menopause hair is back.

  6. I think it’s funny that the same people who were throwing mud yesterday are all peace and harmony today. I hate politics and I call Bullshit.

  7. That being said I am really happy for our new Mayor. #teamarrigo

  8. I love our Atlanta family and am forever grateful for them. I am thinking of Patty and wish I lived closer and could just stop by for coffee and a chat with y’all. Yes, I just said y’all.

  9. I can not stop eating.

  10. Did I mention the menopause hair is back?

  11. I need a navy blue cardigan. Not a “celestial blue” not a “cadet blue” but a NAVY blue cardigan. Like the color I use to wear with my catholic school uniform. Yes, I went to catholic school. One year, it’s all they could handle.

  12. Help a girl out, find me a catholic school uniform navy blue cardigan.

  13. Tomorrow Triple P turns 26. In 11 days Triple P is moving out. Hold me.

  14. I already bought my 4 boxes of Stove Top Stuffing for Thanksgiving. I did not want to be stressed about my contribution to dinner.

  15. My Christmas list is complete.

  16. The cutest kitten in the universe just fell asleep on the counter right next to me. He likes to be close at all times. I love him. jc

  17. I have to end this post here because how can I ignore this cuteness. I have to smother his face with kisses.

  18. See! No more noise.

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